Steve Sorensen “Featured Artist” for November 2018

Steve Sorensen “Featured Artist” for November 2018

Steve Sorensen, Fine Art Photographer

Following my bliss has meant traveling the Seven Continents and capturing those adventures with my photographs.

I’ve been capturing images all my life, it began with an old film SLR Pentax that my step brother kindly gave me when I was very young. This sparked a passion of crafting an image beyond the picture and into that very moment…bringing those that view my art along with me on the journey. To share my travels with you is a great blessing…I’m am grateful.

George Santayana, said, “The earth has its music for those who will listen, I believe the earth has music for those who go deeper, actually “see” and thereby discover this world anew.

I invite you to reach-out,


Honfluer, France at Dusk

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