Mary Clark “Featured Artist” March 2018

Mary Clark “Featured Artist” March 2018

Mary Clark


Painter of fine cats, dogs & whimsy animals

After 40 years in the computer field, I retired and began painting. After five years of botanical art, I transitioned to painting cats because I have a love affair with cats, from young to old and feral to domestic. I am drawn to a cat’s independent attitude and playfulness and work to capture those characteristics in my art. 

Painting cats began in 2014 when I painted 12 shelter cats from Denver Dumb Friends Animal Shelter as part of a class project. These paintings are now on view at Broadview Animal Clinic in Denver. You can see  them at Cat Portraits along with the many custom cat portraits I have done. I also paint custom Dog Portraits.

My art explores and celebrates all cats – realistically, abstractly and whimsically. Cats present endless possibilities for artistic expression, from a thought-provoking portrait to silly, make-you-laugh-till-you-cry antics. Painting whimsical cats led me to painting whimsical dogs and ravens. It is the silliness of these paintings that can make you smile.

I volunteer in healthcare at DFL. I have four shelter cats, ages 11 (blind), 14 (and scared of everything), 13 (with 3 1/2 legs) and 12.  


Mary’s 4″ x 4″ x 1.5 ” cubes with cats, dogs and a Santa cat are available for $7.00 each. They make nice gifts. The picture here shows the 12 different ones. You can sit them on a shelf, desk or hang them up.



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