Mary Clark “Featured Artist” January 2017

Mary Clark “Featured Artist” January 2017

Mary Clark


Painter of fine cats, whimsy cats & dogs

About eight years ago I started doing botanical art to capture my love of plants. Three years ago I transitioned to painting cats to fulfill my need for more creativity and because I have a love affair with cats! My art explores cats – realistically, whimsically, and abstractly. I am drawn to cats’ independent attitude and playfulness. I also paint ravens and bears. I am drawn to ravens because of their intelligence. Bears appear to carry a sense of introspection as they roam the forests. I also do commission paintings of cats, dogs, and other animals. Whatever the animal I am painting, I attempt to connect with the animal as I bring it to life on my canvas.

 In 2014, I painted 12 shelter cats from Denver Dumb Friends as part of a class project. The paintings are now on view at the shelter and you can see many of them on my Gallery page. These paintings were the start of my cat paintings. My 40+ working years were primarily in the computer field, a job that requires a lot of detail, learning new languages, and dedication to a set outcome. These traits were good training for cat painting: each painting attempts to display the cat’s unique details, learning new ways to achieve a color or look of a cat, and dedication to working until I have captured the cat’s personality in the painting.

 I volunteer in healthcare at Denver Dumb Friends shelter. I see lots of cats those days and they are an inspiration for some of my work.  I have four shelter cats, ages 15 (blind), 13, 13 and 12 (3 1/2 legs).  

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