Joan Mangle Painter “Featured Artist” March/ April 2021

Joan Mangle Painter “Featured Artist” March/ April 2021

Joan Mangle, Painter

Denver, Colorado
(970) 222-4601

Thoughts on my art

Living on Colorado’s Front Range for most of my adult life, I’ve marveled at the majestic strength and poetry of this land: the foothills, mountains, the endless sky of the prairie and its luminous light. It’s been my goal as a painter to capture and interpret this sublime nature of our piece of the West.

When I create a contemporary abstracted landscape, I usually begin with an intense visual memory, at times reinforced by on-sight sketches or photos. Often the colors I use are non-referential, representing more the spirit than the actual. I hope you as a viewer sense that I am a painter that knows the mountains and prairie and who looks carefully and deeply at the natural world.

While I love the creative expression of oil painting, I also treasure the communication I have with the viewer. I believe that art is about communicating ideas, values and deeply-held feelings, and, perhaps, giving the viewer the opportunity to build personal metaphors from that art.



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