Japanese Elf and Earthworm enjoy ‘Summer Rain’ Art Doll by Jodi & Richard Creager / NIADA /OOAK


Japanese Elf and Earthworm enjoy ‘Summer Rain’ Art Doll and Dome

by Jodi & Richard Creager / NIADA /OOAK


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There is nothing quite as wonderful as rain…it falls in all seasons, at night and during the brightness of day …but without question the sweetest of rain drops fall as Summer Rain.

When most needed and appreciated the drops come to offer a peaceful release from the warmth of summer…

Little Elf Ame loves these days the absolute best… to walk the garden paths with her Ginkgo Leaf umbrella she thoroughly enjoys each and every drop the sky has to offer… So does her her little friend Mimizu …a plump earthworm who enjoys spending his days underground except of course when the rain begins to fall. Together they count the drops and feel each is a special gift just for them…

We are pleased to introduce our latest One of a Kind Japanese Elf Ame (Japanese for Rain) and her tiny earthworm friend Mimizu (Japanese for Earthworm) .

Ame stands approx. 11 ½ inches tall from the base she stands on to the top of her Ginkgo Leaf umbrella that is hand chased copper & hand painted. The rain drops and drips are hand formed from Lucite. Her Geta shoes are hand carved from Beech-wood with cloth tops. Her Kimono is vintage cotton . Her Obi is made from various cotton fabrics and tied with vintage cording. Ame is hand sculpted (no molds used) from a quality Polymer Clay and then hand painted . Her hair is fine mohair with hair decorations of hand made paper flowers and tiny Lucite flower bells and tiny pearls.

Her little plump Friend Mimizu is sculpted in polymer clay and painted…he sits in absolute joy with a single tiny raindrop atop his nose…. While Ame holds a tiny sister drop in her outreached hand.

They both share a quality made base of ‘Real hand cut slate and in between artist scenic turf to represent the beautiful grasses of Japan. Finished off with a beautiful trim work.

We hope that this pair brings you joy…..

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